Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pain relieving after tissues massage SPA Dubai

Massage SPA is far more potent therapy than most people realize. In fact, it can (and should) replace analgesics as a treatment for tension headaches. As it turns out, it takes only a 30-minute massage on cervical trigger points to boost autonomic nervous system regulation and alleviate the symptoms.

Patients also report an improvement in their psychological and physiological state, which goes hand in hand with the reduction in stress and anxiety associated with such a disturbing condition. Stress and lack of rest have devastating effects on our health, fitness and beauty.

Don't be afraid to find yourself a good massage therapist and get some healing on a regular basis. When you're taking care of your skin and what's beneath it, you are taking care of your whole world. During a massage session, massage therapists use their hands and fingers to press and manipulate your skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Brush aside any thoughts that massage is only a luxury splurge that has no real health benefits.

The strokes gently move your blood, oxygen and lymph to various tissues and organs in a way that normally doesn't happen in the bodies of most people. To the contrary, hands-on healing helps you unwind, lowers blood pressure, promotes muscle relaxation and boosts your immune system.

As a result, the person who is receiving the massage experiences a level of physical and mental renewal that is hard to surpass.

Hidden Benefits of Human Health Touch

Take a look at the health benefits below and discover the power of human touch:

* Stress & anxiety relief

* Relaxation of muscles

* Controlling blood pressure

* Better circulation

* Body pain reduction

* Enhanced cancer treatment

* Improved quality of sleep

Our massage SPA Dubai therapists have a good experience and they are providing good services in UAE. But there's more a study published in the Journal of Alternative suggests that individuals who undergo massage SPA therapy experience measurable improvements in their immune response.


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