Saturday, August 6, 2011

How A Professional Gynecologist Dubai is Friend or Foe?

For last four years, we have collected numbers of stories of our women members' experiences with their gynecologists. Through two pregnancies and births, he listened to her complaints of non-specific symptoms, irregular menses, and finally, joint pain and galactorrhea as well as enlarged fingers and feet.

To her latest symptoms, the gynecologist recommended tells your husband not to play with them anymore. No diagnosis of acromegaly, of course. She found her own way to a specialist in Houston shortly thereafter.

Being a husband and father of two young women, I am, by now, vitally concerned with my family's health, as well as that of our members. Our final conclusion and message to all women is - your gynecologist's knowledge of pituitary issues may be extremely limited and, as such, can be detrimental to your health.

Our alarm is not with an occasional missed diagnosis - it is with the consistency of missed diagnoses, worldwide. To the teachers and professors of gynecology, we can only say "You must teach more - perhaps learn more - about women's reproductive functions.

Sooner or later, you will be held accountable for your failure to diagnose pituitary disease/adenomas in a large segment of your patient population. Teach your patients to check for expression of milk when doing breast exams. Tell them that not having a menstrual cycle is a warning not a blessing when young.

Pituitary tumors are very common. Every fourth patient you see either has one or will develop one in her lifetime. That fact alone, should keep every gynecologist Dubai on his toes. A well prepared intake form will help the intelligent physician guide his patient in the direction of confirming or dismissing a pituitary disorder suspicion.

Criticism is easy to level at any particular group of individuals. It does not come easy to me or PNA because we need the help, support and cooperation of the gynecological community. It is possible that the term "benign" adds to the confusion about pituitary adenomas.


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