Friday, August 12, 2011

Noetic Massage SPA Therapies have may benefit for cardiac patients in Dubai

Noetic intervention is defined as massage SPA therapies for which the method of administration does not use a tangible massage medical device. This study examined the effect of two most Noetic treatments strategies on massage therapy patients with coronary-artery disease. One treatment strategy was using as intercessory prayer, and another was using as music, imagery and massage touch therapy.

The cardiac patients are in Dubai UAE location, and undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions or elective catheterizations, were randomly assigned bedside Noetic intervention (massage therapy) or no interventions.

The most of people were simultaneously randomly assigned off-site prayer and non off-site prayer. Of the 749 patients, 193 were assigned standard care with neither interventions, 182 prayers only, 185 bedside massage therapy only, and 189 both prayer and massage therapy.

The off-site prayers were provided by established congregations of various religions, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist groups. A prayer-group coordinator provided the name, age and illness of each patient to each of 12 prayer groups. Timing, content and duration of prayers were not determined by study design, but rather were defined by the customary practices of each prayer group.

Patients assigned to massage therapy received a 40-minute open bedside session by a practitioner certified in Level 1 Healing Massage Touch. Each patient was taught relaxed abdominal breathing and to focus on a mental image of a favorite place, and selected a musical preference. Identical music-imagery scripts were used for all patients in all sites. After the imagery script, the practitioner applied 21 Healing Touch hand positions, each for 45 seconds.

Neither masked prayer nor massage therapy significantly improved clinical outcome after elective catheterization or percutaneous coronary intervention. No significant differences were found among these four treatment groups, and there were no significant interactions between massage therapy and prayer.

However, mortality at six months was lower with massage SPA therapy than with no massage SPA Dubai therapy. Most of people thinking that the Dubai is famous and right location of massage therapy.


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