Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweating is Healthy, Do not Let it Stop!

Irrespective of season the daily hard work lead us to sweating or perspiration. Human body contains about two to four million of sweating glands. The most active time of glands is during puberty. Indeed, glands become completely active while puberty. The area of body that becomes most concentrated for sweat glands is soles of feet, whereas, the least concentrated area is on the back.

Women possess more sweat glands than men. However, men are more active, due to extra activity men start sweating more quickly than women. In addition, men sweat two times when they exercise. However, the amount of sweat is different for two individuals even if they put same efforts.

We sweat constantly and on regular basis but sweating is an unconscious process, therefore, we cannot notice it. Basically sweat is salty crystal liquid which glands produce on skin. Furthermore, it is like an air conditioning process of your body. When body temperature increases it increase sweating and blood flow to the skin. The air touch sweat and melts it. It remove excessive heat and makes your body cool. At the same time, it balances the body electrolytes that are minerals, they help to maintain body functions. Moreover, sweating cannot be blamed for B.O because it is odorless. Whereas, the odors which linked with perspiration is caused when sweat or oils which are majorly produced in the armpits or groin.
Factually the rate of sweat production depends entirely on the emotions and hardness of physical activity. Furthermore, sweat can be produced while stimulation, exercise and or due to hot air temperature.

When sweat melts into water it leaves salt on your skin that is why your skin tastes salty. However, excessive drop of salt and water from body is dangerous it can quite quickly dehydrate you. At the same time, it can lead you to circulatory problems like heat stroke and or kidney failure. Hereinafter, it is essential to drink fluids while exercise or while going outside in high temperature. For this, sports drinks are best to regain the lost salts in sweating.
It is a high concern when you feel unusual changes in sweating. It could be excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and or low or no perspirations (anhidrosis). Moreover, change in body odor could be sign of a medical problem.

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