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Monday, December 31, 2012

Pink Ribbon Deodorant Makers Say They are Best for Breast Cancer Treatment

TCCD is one of the good makers of natural deodorant products and also provides National Breast Cancer Awareness. They are also claiming that they have offered their products with natural ingredients.

Most of Beauticians, skincare experts, Doctors, Oncologists, Dermatologists and Allergists say breast cancer has played with many lives. We started the chemical free products for last two years. We are the first company who made “Pink Ribbon” for breast cancer disease.

You can help with TCCD International to find those women patients whose are battling with breast cancer. There are many Beauticians, skincare experts, Doctors, Oncologists, Dermatologists and Allergists recommended us, but USA Government investing millions of dollars every year on cancer patients around the United States.

The Pink Ribbon is the brand of TCCD international who’s known as “Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal”. Melanie Bone is a doctor and other Oncologists, Allergists and Dermatologists who’s recommended our Pink Ribbon product for cancer treatment. The Pink Ribbon is not harmful product and it’s free of chemical/parabens.

There are many Doctors and the cancer treatment hospitals and clinics are encouraging to get benefit from our Pink Ribbon cancer treatment campaign.

TCCD, International Inc Company is situated in Florida 33061, Pompano Beach and they are also available on the internet as We have an aim to make good products for health and skin care consumers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Easier Way to Utilize the Deodorant

There are many people looking for good and reliable alternative natural deodorant products, they also want to get enhancement in these deodorant natural products. Most people believe in outstanding products, because these products are well known as per last market analysis and that is the reason, people like these products.  

Natural deodorant products are beneficially for those human beings, whose want to remove sweat smell from their body. When anyone use it on their body, it makes the fragrance on that part.

Natural crystal deodorant was introduced by Ted and Cathy Alflen founded TCCD International in 1991, when he tours to Thailand, and he made brand of Naturally Fresh Deodorants Crystal. They brought different types of raw material of stones from Thailand and made theirs very first and initial product and that was "The Crystal in a Dish". Thailand is one of the big manufacturers of commercial deodorant crystal products. They manufactured to these raw stones after mining. These stones called mineral stones and after that it converted to crystallize and hand shaped into deodorant crystal.

Now a day most of people are modern and they are using deodorant crystal products. This product collected from natural mineral salt, this product is in normal use for last two years. Natural deodorant crystal products can easily accessible form food and health stores and also can buy from easier way, like chemist stores and web with the brand name of Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant.

Naturally deodorant Fresh crystal makes easier way to utilize the products of deodorant for their customers. Now anyone can use the crystal deodorant spray or roll on, also available in travel-sized deodorant stick and you can use this when you are on tour. It means Naturally Deodorant Fresh Crystal knows what the customer exactly needs for their personality.

Most of Doctors, oncologists, dermatologists and allergists referred to use deodorant crystal products. Our deodorant products are the ideal choice of people for skin allergies. People are battling with cancer with the use of deodorant products. If you are vegetarian then choose 100 percent. You could try to start with these products. The naturally fresh crystal deodorant products we have 100% natural and pure, these products have not harmfully and it's made with mineral salts. Deodorant product can also work for those people, whose have sensitive skin problem and this formula was made, is working absolutely amazing for those effective people.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why body odor is irritating and how you can control it

On numerous moments we smell peculiar fragrance from the body of person standing next to us in a store. This situation is quite usual for all of us and actually it ruins feelings as well. Question is – what is odor and why it happens? A complete analysis can give you sufficient answer of this question. Moreover, it can prevent the embarrassment of body odor altogether.

The source of body odor is bacteria. The scientific community named it flora.  Certainly, the fragrance raise from body is a smell of molecules. These molecules are always form and are active on our skin. While the sweating process bacteria give wakeup call to our senses.

The body odor is quite frustrating and greatly influenced by major histocopatibility complex (MHC) molecules. The molecules in consideration are the major component in body's immune system. They actually alert the body when any harmful foreign material enters into system. These molecules have side effects like sometimes body fragrance quite unpleasantly. Indeed, body odor is the price which we have to pay when we woke up late and have no time to take shower before work.

It is natural as well as a scientifically proven fact that the body odors attract or deflect potential mates. The reflection of how you smell will appear in the eyes of fellow humans. That is why people says that body odor determines the future partners.

The influential factor in odor is diet and lifestyle; however, genetics also play certain role in the smell of your body. Change in health can prevent you from body odor; however, if you are stuck in scent of your ancestors then your body odor would not define the way you smell.

Don't be tense we have converted the science of body odor. You need to know about odor prevention ways. In market there are hundreds of products which freshen the undesirable smell through body sprays. However, there are very few which give safe and natural way to get relief from body odor.

The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal  products possess proper tools. These tools have capability to fight body odors when they grow. At the same time, it gives you a natural alternative of chemical based products. Our products contain natural essential oils, these oils enumerates refreshing smell which cannot be found in any laboratory. Our liquid crystal Spray Mist is safe and refreshing. It is available in our fragrance array and it is one of the recommended deodorants by allergists, oncologists and dermatologists.

Body odor is an unending fight. However, you can control it by choosing the right product and can prevent unwanted stench. Hereinafter, the first choice for health-conscious consumers is Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products. Our products provide all-day natural and fragrance odor protection. Your decision to purchase and intention to apply our product on your body will blossom your body with fragrance.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweating is Healthy, Do not Let it Stop!

Irrespective of season the daily hard work lead us to sweating or perspiration. Human body contains about two to four million of sweating glands. The most active time of glands is during puberty. Indeed, glands become completely active while puberty. The area of body that becomes most concentrated for sweat glands is soles of feet, whereas, the least concentrated area is on the back.

Women possess more sweat glands than men. However, men are more active, due to extra activity men start sweating more quickly than women. In addition, men sweat two times when they exercise. However, the amount of sweat is different for two individuals even if they put same efforts.

We sweat constantly and on regular basis but sweating is an unconscious process, therefore, we cannot notice it. Basically sweat is salty crystal liquid which glands produce on skin. Furthermore, it is like an air conditioning process of your body. When body temperature increases it increase sweating and blood flow to the skin. The air touch sweat and melts it. It remove excessive heat and makes your body cool. At the same time, it balances the body electrolytes that are minerals, they help to maintain body functions. Moreover, sweating cannot be blamed for B.O because it is odorless. Whereas, the odors which linked with perspiration is caused when sweat or oils which are majorly produced in the armpits or groin.
Factually the rate of sweat production depends entirely on the emotions and hardness of physical activity. Furthermore, sweat can be produced while stimulation, exercise and or due to hot air temperature.

When sweat melts into water it leaves salt on your skin that is why your skin tastes salty. However, excessive drop of salt and water from body is dangerous it can quite quickly dehydrate you. At the same time, it can lead you to circulatory problems like heat stroke and or kidney failure. Hereinafter, it is essential to drink fluids while exercise or while going outside in high temperature. For this, sports drinks are best to regain the lost salts in sweating.
It is a high concern when you feel unusual changes in sweating. It could be excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and or low or no perspirations (anhidrosis). Moreover, change in body odor could be sign of a medical problem.

Body protection from bacteria and smelly situations is quite easy. You need to select a safe and effective deodorant. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal sells the pro perspirant deodorant products which do not clog, close or block the pores with harmful aluminum chemical.
The products we have like Fragrance Free Roll-On, kill sweat stinking bacteria. Our products accumulate all natural ingredients and provide 24-hour non-staining hypoallergenic protection. Our product is free of harmful aluminum chemical and parabens. The soothing substance Chamomile has been added to this product for moisturizing the underarms. As you roll the deodorant on, it makes you feel luxurious skin lotion.

Deodorant is healthier than antiperspirants

You can notice the two signs “deodorant” and “antiperspirant” hanging in your local supermarket. Both are hygienic products and both are important but certainly distinguishable. Research and studies conducted on the products above distinguishes both products. The information gathered from these studies gives buyer awareness about antiperspirant and deodorant products.

Basically antiperspirants works as a sweat-stopper and it clog pore which release sweat everyday and all the day. Yet it is quite appealing to silk-wearers as well as to the athletes. However, aluminum-based chemicals in the antiperspirants can harm your body. So, one should have information that antiperspirants possess worst side effects and are administered by Federal Drug Administration. The FDA classified the antiperspirants in its one branch as “cosmetic“ and in other branch as “drug.”

In spite of the aluminum, parabens which is quite largely used as preservatives by pharmaceutical companies also present antiperspirants. It has been determined that paraben use causes allergic reactions like contact dermatitis and rosacea in several individuals. Furthermore, the studies concluded that antiperspirants can lead humans to life-threatening diseases like breast cancer and renal failure. Another deadly disease Alzheimer’s is also liked with antiperspirants. It actually evolves in the environment like aluminum. However, the question will remain the same that: why we wear antiperspirants which actually damage us in the long run?

The danger of antiperspirants use is very cruel; however, the only way to avoid that danger is to wear deodorant. Deodorant is the product which neutralizes the smell of sweating and particularly not deprives the body for cooling process while sweating. It is important to be aware that without cooling process the toxins released by sweating will remain in the body and the temperature adjustment that your body needs become impossible. There are several health risks you can encounter if your body does not sweat and these health risks are not limited to: dehydration, overheating and fainting. It is normal if you feel sweating in the summer heat. But, it is important to allow your body to undergo the natural and essential perspiration process it requires.

Hereinafter, antiperspirants are out of the picture, but question is where from you get a quality deodorant which will never damage your health. Our products such as Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On are hundred percent natural and free from any harmful chemicals found in antiperspirants and other deodorant products available in the market. It not only eradicates the unpleasant smell which emanates your body while sweating but also provides danger-free alternative to antiperspirants. Certainly, the inspiration has been taken by us from the crystal stones used for cosmetic purposes in Thailand.

We have 100% natural and danger-free products in our product array. Our products offer complete 24 hours relief from irritating smells caused by sweating. Our products are available in refreshing fragrances such as Ocean Breeze and Papaya Fusion and lots more. Hence, you can substitute your risky antiperspirants with healthy, appealing and fragranced senses.