Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why body odor is irritating and how you can control it

On numerous moments we smell peculiar fragrance from the body of person standing next to us in a store. This situation is quite usual for all of us and actually it ruins feelings as well. Question is – what is odor and why it happens? A complete analysis can give you sufficient answer of this question. Moreover, it can prevent the embarrassment of body odor altogether.

The source of body odor is bacteria. The scientific community named it flora.  Certainly, the fragrance raise from body is a smell of molecules. These molecules are always form and are active on our skin. While the sweating process bacteria give wakeup call to our senses.

The body odor is quite frustrating and greatly influenced by major histocopatibility complex (MHC) molecules. The molecules in consideration are the major component in body's immune system. They actually alert the body when any harmful foreign material enters into system. These molecules have side effects like sometimes body fragrance quite unpleasantly. Indeed, body odor is the price which we have to pay when we woke up late and have no time to take shower before work.

It is natural as well as a scientifically proven fact that the body odors attract or deflect potential mates. The reflection of how you smell will appear in the eyes of fellow humans. That is why people says that body odor determines the future partners.

The influential factor in odor is diet and lifestyle; however, genetics also play certain role in the smell of your body. Change in health can prevent you from body odor; however, if you are stuck in scent of your ancestors then your body odor would not define the way you smell.

Don't be tense we have converted the science of body odor. You need to know about odor prevention ways. In market there are hundreds of products which freshen the undesirable smell through body sprays. However, there are very few which give safe and natural way to get relief from body odor.

The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal  products possess proper tools. These tools have capability to fight body odors when they grow. At the same time, it gives you a natural alternative of chemical based products. Our products contain natural essential oils, these oils enumerates refreshing smell which cannot be found in any laboratory. Our liquid crystal Spray Mist is safe and refreshing. It is available in our fragrance array and it is one of the recommended deodorants by allergists, oncologists and dermatologists.

Body odor is an unending fight. However, you can control it by choosing the right product and can prevent unwanted stench. Hereinafter, the first choice for health-conscious consumers is Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products. Our products provide all-day natural and fragrance odor protection. Your decision to purchase and intention to apply our product on your body will blossom your body with fragrance.


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