Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deodorant is healthier than antiperspirants

You can notice the two signs “deodorant” and “antiperspirant” hanging in your local supermarket. Both are hygienic products and both are important but certainly distinguishable. Research and studies conducted on the products above distinguishes both products. The information gathered from these studies gives buyer awareness about antiperspirant and deodorant products.

Basically antiperspirants works as a sweat-stopper and it clog pore which release sweat everyday and all the day. Yet it is quite appealing to silk-wearers as well as to the athletes. However, aluminum-based chemicals in the antiperspirants can harm your body. So, one should have information that antiperspirants possess worst side effects and are administered by Federal Drug Administration. The FDA classified the antiperspirants in its one branch as “cosmetic“ and in other branch as “drug.”

In spite of the aluminum, parabens which is quite largely used as preservatives by pharmaceutical companies also present antiperspirants. It has been determined that paraben use causes allergic reactions like contact dermatitis and rosacea in several individuals. Furthermore, the studies concluded that antiperspirants can lead humans to life-threatening diseases like breast cancer and renal failure. Another deadly disease Alzheimer’s is also liked with antiperspirants. It actually evolves in the environment like aluminum. However, the question will remain the same that: why we wear antiperspirants which actually damage us in the long run?

The danger of antiperspirants use is very cruel; however, the only way to avoid that danger is to wear deodorant. Deodorant is the product which neutralizes the smell of sweating and particularly not deprives the body for cooling process while sweating. It is important to be aware that without cooling process the toxins released by sweating will remain in the body and the temperature adjustment that your body needs become impossible. There are several health risks you can encounter if your body does not sweat and these health risks are not limited to: dehydration, overheating and fainting. It is normal if you feel sweating in the summer heat. But, it is important to allow your body to undergo the natural and essential perspiration process it requires.

Hereinafter, antiperspirants are out of the picture, but question is where from you get a quality deodorant which will never damage your health. Our products such as Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On are hundred percent natural and free from any harmful chemicals found in antiperspirants and other deodorant products available in the market. It not only eradicates the unpleasant smell which emanates your body while sweating but also provides danger-free alternative to antiperspirants. Certainly, the inspiration has been taken by us from the crystal stones used for cosmetic purposes in Thailand.

We have 100% natural and danger-free products in our product array. Our products offer complete 24 hours relief from irritating smells caused by sweating. Our products are available in refreshing fragrances such as Ocean Breeze and Papaya Fusion and lots more. Hence, you can substitute your risky antiperspirants with healthy, appealing and fragranced senses.