Friday, July 20, 2012

Why your deodorant smells good but reacts badly?

Everybody wants to have a charming fragrance especially when they are in gatherings. Therefore, all of us douse ourselves with deodorants to smell good. But there is a problem that underlies here: Is our fragrance free of dangerous elements that can cause skin infections?

For a large number of consumers deodorant fragrance is not an issue. However, about ten percent of consumers have sensitive skin and the fragrances they use not only irritate them but also put them in painful reactions.

It is an established fact that fragrances are one of the major allergens in cosmetics and skincare products. Some of these can lead you to contact Dermatitis. The common reactions caused by poor quality products are redness, rashes and scaling. If you have come to know that your skin is also sensitive and reacts differently, you should consider a product which is not only chemical-free but also fragrance-free.

Therefore, majority of people are not aware about the difference between fragrance-free and the products labeled as “unscented.” Being an informed consumer you can easily determine that which product is fragrance-free and a suitable purchase for you. It is important to understand the products; in the fragrance-free products nothing has been added to augment the odor of product. Unscented is known as a product which has fragrance-masking chemicals used to hide the smell of the formula ingredients.

The products in Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal array are 100% fragrance-free. It gives option to the people who have sensitive skin. Additionally, the product-line we have provides 24-hours hypoallergenic and paraben protection.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are made of unscented natural mineral salts which kill odor-causing bacteria and permit pores to eliminate toxins naturally. The products we have provide you 24 hours body odor protection as well as protect sensitive skin from the fragrance related allergies.

Our Fragrance-free and chemical-free product formulas like Clear Twist-Up Stick with Aloe Vera are recommended by oncologists, dermatologists and allergists. Moreover, we have added Chamomile in our products which soothes sensitive skin.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal provides you pro sensitive skin products. In addition, our products provide all-natural substitute to conventional deodorants.

Along with the 100% natural and fragrance free products, we also provide products which have variety of fragrances to choose from. The Roll-Ons and Spray Mists array we have are available in several fragrances like Tropical Breeze, Ocean Breeze, Papaya Fusion and Lavender. So, you can enjoy the smell of our fresh fragranced and chemical-free deodorant products.

At TCCD International our aim is to provide our customers healthy substitute of the dominant conventional chemical deodorant products in the market. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products will naturally soothe your skin and you will definitely feel great.