Friday, July 27, 2012

Difference between Aluminum and Alum

Right now the most alarming issue in skincare is aluminum. Do you know about aluminum – how much you know? The most essential thing to know as a consumer is product component, so you can make the right decision for right purchase.

First of all we take the science to talk about. The environment we are living in have lots of aluminum compounds these are in food and even in water. More specifically and more technically speaking aluminum is metal and alum is a compound. The vulnerable issue with aluminum is while its processing it leaves very small molecules which lead to clog pores and can prevent sweating by penetrating in the skin. Eventually, the molecules end up in the bloodstream.

However, antiperspirants are still matter of dispute quite largely. Researcher Phil Darbre conducted studies in 2004 and 2005, he come out with the results that the substances in deodorants like preservatives called parabens or bolts i.e. aluminum chloride which used in antiperspirants penetrate into the bloodstream or accumulate in breast tissue. There they increase the effects of estrogen which stimulates the growth of cancerous breast cells. Moreover, a study conducted in 2007 determined and declared that personal care products such as deodorants are one of the potential contributor to the body burden of aluminum. At the same time, the new evidences got form studies connect the aluminum with breast cancer. Despite above the researchers at National Cancer Institute (NCI) and their studies does not show any direct link between aluminum and breast cancer. “We are not aware of any conclusive evidence link the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the subsequent development of breast cancer.”

An overrated number of aluminum is presented in the brains of many Alzheimer’s patients. A study in 1990 shows direct link between aluminum and long term use of antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s disease and a high risk by frequent use. The society advises that “environmental factors have been put forward as possible contributory causes of Alzheimer’s disease in some people. Among these is aluminum. There is circumstantial evidence linking this metal with Alzheimer’s disease, but no causal relationship has yet been proven.”

It is a matter of fact that there is no evidence appears from the researches which show particular connection between breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. However, in fact the skink sensitivity, skin irritation, reaction and other skin problems can be linked to aluminum.

Moreover, it is a widely acknowledge fact that antiperspirants are popular to damage clothing by causing severe staining and stiffness in the cloth. You can witness them as bleached out patches, yellow stains, and stiff sections of your underarms. These are because of aluminum not sweat.

However, on the other hand alum is a pure natural salt mineral driven from earth. Its benefits are it possess gigantic molecules which neither penetrate the neither body nor bloodstream. At the same time, it allows body to sweat which is healthy and a natural cooling process.

What you understand for this? We made our products form Alum. All of our products are free of harmful aluminum. Use of our Crystal Stick never put you in a healthy concern. The Crystal we use is a salt and not metal. It provides 24-hours hypoallergenic protection against body odor.

Despite the benefits of pure and natural, the Crystal Stick is cost-effective body odor prevention. You can understand it by knowing the fact that a single crystal deodorant stone can last up to one year. It is more lasting than a typical commercial deodorant product.


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