Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Advantages of Deodorant Crystal

If you are not familiar with Deodorant Crystals products, it may be an odd concept for you at first glance. Using Deodorant Crystal products is just like to make a stone wet and use it as deodorant.

These crystals are not just like traditional deodorant shown in beauty product aisles but these crystals are extremely beneficial for you.

In 1990 on a trip to Thailand, deodorant crystal was introduced by Deodorant Crystal founders Cathy Alflen. For the first time they themselves thought about application of wetting a stone and rubbing on your skin can be unusual for human, but results of the imagination was entirely different.

Founders of the Deodorant Crystals where thrilled to have results beyond their expectations. They found that these crystals were natural alternative to conventional deodorants. These crystals are one hundred percent pure and natural because of the fact that it comes from natural salts. The formation of Deodorant Crystals is without involvement of chemicals; hence, these crystals are extremely gentle to sensitive skin. Cathy and Ted started importing and selling such stones from Thailand in 1991.

Deodorant Crystal is perfect choice for those who are looking for healthier lifestyle because these products are naturally fragrance free and free from harmful aluminum that reduces risk of clogged pores and other certain health risks.

Traditional crystals may prevent you from sweating but these Deodorant crystals allow the toxins and allows sweat to flow from pores out of you’re your body. You need to keep in mind that sweating is only natural process of maintaining body temperature which is vital for survival. There are some salt molecules in human body that provide protection against odor causing bacteria from your sweat. Using Deodorant crystals would enable you to stop that salt to flow out of pores, naturally it would stop bacteria from growing.

This product is highly recommended by oncologists, allergists and dermatologists because product is free from any harmful aluminum contaminant.

At this point of time, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is only company in the world to ad Aloe Vera to Deodorant Crystal, credit goes to Ted and Cathy. Aloe Vera is used to soothe and moisturize skin.

Deodorant Crystal provides 24 hours non staining products just like conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. You need not to worry about stains on your shirts, these products would never leave such traces on your clothes because those yellow spots normally appear on your shirt because of reaction between salt and aluminum in antiperspirants in your sweat.

Conventional deodorants are much more different than deodorant crystals. You can pick up a Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal MiniStick, in less than USD 4 for 2.1 ounce bottle. This little bottle can work for entire year. So, you are buying something in less than penny a day for entire year to keep yourself fresh.

You can use Deodorant Crystals without any fear of side effects on your skin. These crystals are all natural cosmetic products for your skin. Company features organic minerals all around us to develop freshening deodorant that won’t harm your skin. Experience Deodorant Crystals today to feel the difference.