Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is hypoallergenic and how it affects you

Allergy is one of the annoying irritations. It is affecting millions of people globally. It can affect any area of body; however, the most irritating allergic reactions are skin related. That is why most consumers prefer to buy the hypoallergenic products. It gives relief and you can get rid of discomfort of allergy.

Hypoallergenic is a medical term which means a substance that is slightly allergenic. This term is widely used in the cosmetic products which possess less allergic substance than other products. Hence, for those who have sensitive skin, hypoallergenic products are safer than trendy cosmetic items. It has been observed through studies that allergic diseases are more common in industrialized countries than the agricultural countries. Furthermore, comparatively in the industrialized countries the rate of allergic disease is high in urban areas than rural.

Despite of environmental factors the genetic transformation is also quite high in allergic diseases. Mostly parents with allergic disease must have allergic children and the severity in the genetically allergic disease would be more than non-allergic parents. Furthermore, it is not essential that the children would have the same allergen as their parents have. It would be different due to the irregularities in the immune system.

With the inherited diseases it is essential to take precautionary measures while using the products which may cause an allergic reaction. Hence, slight changes in the cosmetic products like deodorants and sprays definitely can protect you from the discomfort of skin allergies.

At TCCD International, we develop hundred percent natural and hypoallergenic products. We completely avoid the harmful chemicals such as aluminum while manufacturing the products. We make sure that the products will be long-lasting, refreshing and will not cause any damage to the sensitive skin. Indeed, our products are made of mineral, salts and stones. These deodorants are completely harmless and free of any chemical substance.

Mineral called alum is the major part of our natural products. It is a pure natural salt mineral and one of the most abundant substances on the earth. Its importance can be observed from the fact that this type of natural deodorant substance has had been in use in the health and nutrition industry for the last 20 years. Furthermore, similar types of commodities are in use in Europe and Asia for centuries.

Without any doubt the deodorant stones are actually natural mineral salts. It stops the growth of odor forming bacteria on the human body. The natural mineral salts work to avoid body odors and at the same time allow body to excrete toxins while sweating.

Our products are in the highly recommended list of reliable doctors and dermatologists around the country. Indeed, our liquid crystal spray mist is the preferred, No. 1 and recommended by the doctors, oncologists, allergists & dermatologists.

If you are suffering from skin allergy and searching for a trusted hypoallergenic deodorant try our products. You can use our Ocean Breeze Spray Mist roll-on deodorants. Be sure that you are using allergen-free, hypoallergenic deodorant which is safe and refreshing.