Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deodorant users are concerned about breast cancer

Each year millions of dollars are generated to facilitate the foundations which conduct studies for breast cancer. These researches are also important to the deodorant users.

It has been concluded that aluminum, which is an important component in the conventional deodorant and antiperspirants, extensively cause lingering health issues in some users. Indeed, the studies conducted for breast cancer are linked to the aluminum and determine it as the cancerous element. However, so far, no research appears that shows a positive sign that deodorant can lead to breast cancer.

In 2009 a study was conducted by a journal, “The Breast Cancer Research hypothesized a link between breast cancer and the application of underarm cosmetics.” The Breast Cancer Research Journal raised rumor about connection between deodorants and breast cancer stems from the oestrogenic and or genotoxic properties that are found in deodorants.

Furthermore, the other studies suggest that the aluminum in deodorant products seeps into the bloodstream and/or accumulate in breast tissues. However, researchers suggest that exposure to aluminum uplifts the effects of estrogen in body which eventually simulates expansion of cancerous breast cells.

The doubtful stance of researchers about deodorants containing chemicals such as aluminum is actually a red alert. The reason is these products are used on daily basis.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products such as Blue Twist-Up Stick with Aloe Vera provide substitute to the users who daily use harmful aluminum-based deodorants. On the other hand the products like twist-up stick are quite commandingly recommended by allergists, dermatologists and oncologists. These doctor recommendations assure that our company products are free from the harmful aluminum and parabens. Moreover, our products don’t fall in the category of chemical based products.

TCCD is one of the companies that supply its products to doctors and cancer treatment centers for cancer patients including breast cancer patients. The soothing elements of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products allow patients to undergo through their extremely intense cancer treatment and give them relief which other chemical based deodorant products do not give.

It is fact that the cruel and sensitive cancer treatment lead the patient to several allergic reactions. Major source of these reactions are unnatural and chemical based products. That is why we have engaged ourselves to provide Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products that are made from mineral salts. Our products are pure and fragrance-free. The substitute of conventional and chemical based deodorant products reduce the hypersensitivity experienced by some cancer patients.

TCCD International retains the pride that for the first time it has displayed the iconic pink ribbon on deodorant products to support breast cancer awareness. At the same time, percentage of TCCD sale proceeds go to the fund for breast cancer researches.